How to

Upload a Sermon


Step 1 – opening the sermon page

  • Click on the ‘WCOC Sermons’ shortcut in the bookmark bar of the IT computer.


Step 2 – Editing a pre-prepared draft

Nicole will set up a draft sermon for any new sermon series, and usually one for the upcoming week when she designed the bulletin.

If she’s already drafted a sermon, your job is super easy, and here are the steps:

  • Click on ‘Edit’ (hover over the thumbnail) for the draft sermon.

  • Hover over the grey audio player and click ‘Edit’.

  • Drag and drop today’s sermon into the box. Don’t close this box until the sermon is completely uploaded.

  • When it’s done - click ‘Apply’.

  • While that’s uploading, click ‘Design’ and make sure the ‘Show Download Link’ box is checked.

  • Click ‘Save and Publish’ which makes it live and on iTunes - and you’re done!


Step 3 – Creating a brand new sermon

If Nicole is away, or has been slack, there might not be a draft Sermon in there and you’ll need to create a new one.

There’s just a few extra steps involved.

  • Find a past sermon in the same category that you need (Note: the purple microphone thumbnail is for Stand-Alone sermons that aren’t part of a series).

  • Click on ‘Edit’ (hover over the thumbnail) for the past sermon.

  • Click ‘Duplicate’ to make a copy of the past sermon.

  • Add the new Title, sermon breakdown/summary and bible reading.

  • Click ‘Options’ to update the Post URL with the date of the sermon, and select the speaker.

  • If the speaker isn’t there - just select ‘Rob Jenner’ and let Nicole know we need to add a new speaker.

    Note: The Thumbnail Image will stay the same as you’ve duplicated from a sermon with the same category.

  • Hover over the Audio block and click ‘Edit’.

  • Under the ‘Embed’ tab - drop and drag the sermon mp3 file to upload.

  • Add the Sermon Title and Speaker.

  • Switch to the ‘Podcasting’ tab and add the Sermon Title and sermon breakdown/summary.

  • Make sure the ‘Show Download Link’ box is checked under the ‘Design’ tab.

  • Once the sermon mp3 has completely uploaded, click ‘Apply’.

  • If everything is correct, go ahead and click that ‘Save & Publish’ button and you’re done!

If you have any questions at all - email or call Nicole or Dan.

Thanks so much for serving! 🤙🏼